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Tené Nícole, is a boutique one-stop full service marketing and public relations firm that maximizes our client’s exposure via our extensive network of contacts in support of their campaigns, events, goals, and initiatives. We deliver industry-leading marketing and public relations campaigns to the doorsteps of the media while doing our part to help our clients create memorable experiences. We are leaders in this class because of our distinctive, strategic and diverse public relations model which creates opportunities and results for our clients.   
  1. Carissa Rosario
    Red Carpet Coverage
    Carissa Rosario, International Model; Actress; Spokesmodel
  2. NFL James Anderson
    Magazine Features
    James Anderson, NFL New Orleans Saints Linebacker
  3. NFL James Anderson
    Media Coverage
    James Anderson, New Orleans Saints Linebacker
  4. Best Selling Book Author, Koereyelle DuBose, Single Wives Club, WERK 101
    On-Air Segments
    Koereyelle DuBose, CEO and Founder The Single Wives Club; Author, WERK 101
  5. Nadine Ramos, NBC Interview
    News Features
    Nadine Ramos, Founder, LASIO, Professional Hair Care
  6. NFL James Anderson
    Radio Coverage
    James Anderson, NFL New Orleans Saints Linebacker
  7. NFL James Anderson, Carissa Rosario, Life & Style Magazine
    National Coverage
    James Anderson, NFL New Orleans Saints Carissa Rosario, International Model; Actress; Spokesmodel
  8. Actress Leslie Lopez
    Magazine Article Features
    Leslie Lopez, Actress
  9. Actor Darrin Henson
    Cross Brand Promotion
    Darrin Henson, Notable Actor
  10. Carissa Rosario
    International Coverage
    Carissa Rosario, International Model; Actress; Spokesmodel
  11. Title 11
    Title 11
    April Woodard, Award Winning Journalist
  12. LASIO, Professional Hair Care; Modern Salon
    Product Placement
    LASIO, Professional Hair Care
  13. Anita Rincon
    Spotlight Features
    Anita Rincon, Entrepreneur
  1. Traditional Public Relations
    Press Releases - Well drafted press releases to make sure they represent your brand in the best possible way. Our follow-up includes frequent contact with reporters, writers and editors to make sure that they get it right. When it comes to building your brand, nothing can be more frustrating than having a publication misspell the name of your brand, a brand that you've been working so hard to develop. Our editing service ensures that when your name is mentioned, and your products written about, that they get it right. Photo Submission - After all photos can tell the story of your success! We work to have them included in all the trade papers to help get the word out about your unique vision and direction. With over 16,000 press and media outlets at our fingertips we can get your photos noticed. Follow up Phone Calls - As an entrepreneur we realize that your schedule can get a little busy at times. At the same time, we are also clear about the critical role that follow-up plays in the development and marketing of a brand. Let us make those follow-up calls for you.
  2. Online Marketing Campaigns
    Social Media- We use the Internet and all of its many portals to get your messages, products, brands, and services directly to your target market. We eliminate the unnecessary middle man and put you directly in front of your intended audience. Blog Creation - Our blog services provide opportunities for you to receive feedback about your products, and services. This allows you to provide the kind of attention your market deserves. This service can also serve as an informal focus group to provide you with information on what people are saying about your products and services. Twitter/Facebook - Talk directly with your target markets...and have them respond in real-time. These services provide an efficient medium to reach your market and have them provide you with the type of information that helps to build your business. We offer timely monitoring of your Twitter/Facebook and other online portals in an effort to keep you relevant, updated, and a part of the conversation.
  3. Brand Development/Product Placement
    Image Packaging - At the end of the day, public relations is all about packaging, packaging, packaging. What are you selling? How are you selling it? And who are you selling it to? We work to make sure that your products and strategically positioned, packaged, and placed in all the right areas that will maximize your chances of getting noticed Campaigns - Have a new product? Revamped your brand? Incorporated a new service? We can get the word out. We will provide you with innovative ideas, the best press and media outlets, and contacts that can expand your reach. Our campaigns have proven extremely beneficial for our clients, and have raised annual revenue streams that speak to their success and the impact of our efforts.
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  1. Author pens women's self-help book called Werk 101
    (The Single Wives Club inspires single ladies to become better women before becoming wives. Koereyelle DuBose is the CEO and Founder of The Single Wives Club. She recently wrote a book called WERK 101, which is a guide to help keep your life together. The book is the Get-Your-Life-Together Guide. It is the ultimate handbook sharing health, wealth, and lifestyle lessons for the modern-day woman. - NBC News
  2. London Arrington Discusses Empire, Fences and debuts "LondyWear" on Fox 8
    London Arrington who stars as the young Cookie Lyon on Fox's hit show Empire talks about her reoccurring role, doing fences with Denzel Washington and debuts her new eye-wear brand "LondyWear".
  3. Hispanic Entrepreneurs: LASIO Hair Care Founder, CEO Nadine Ramos
    LASIO Professional Haircare founder and CEO Nadine Ramos talks to NBC Latino about starting her own business and the values she espouses in her company. - NBC News Latino